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  • PET Blow Moulding
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  • AMUT. s.p.a. Italy
  • BMB, Italy
  • BREYER, Germany
  • CYPET Technologies LTD, Cyprus
  • Dr.BOY. GmbH & Co. Germany
  • HTW Molds, Austria
  • Movacolor B.V., Netherlands
  • NOVAPAX Maschinenbau, Germany
  • Rapid Granulator AB, Sweden
  • 2 Komponenten GmbH
  • SMF, Germany

AMUT. s.p.a. Italy


TECHNOLOGY, QUALITY AND INNOVATION SINCE 1958 AMUT has been working in the manufacturing of plants for plastics processing since 1958, year of foundation. More than half century of operation has won AMUT a leading position in the market of plastics processing equipment suppliers.

The company started developing its own recycling technology in early eighties and the new thermoforming division, created in late nineties, is proof of the constant research and development which AMUT extrusion technology has always been based on. The know-how is playing a leading role among the key factors of the continuous success of the company on domestic and international scale, such a high level know-how to defy the highly esteemed competition.

The excellent production of AMUT is present worldwide and the company profile is known to the international Customers for a long time, thanks to the consistent exhibiting at all the important trade shows for plastics.

Since 1995 the Quality Certification ISO 9001, longed-for recognition of quality as to company management, manufacturing organization and Customer service, has been repaying the high level of AMUT quality standard and the yearly renewal has been confirmed according to the international standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (“VISION 2000”) since January 2002.

The large number of design patents, granted to AMUT and applied to its equipment manufacturing, is the consequence of the company policy assuring continuous, technological innovation.


With a range of more than 80 extruder models available, AMUT is going beyond the limit of the mass production, offering extruders designed to suit any application and being customized according to production requirements, to get high performances at competitive prices.

TSINGLE SCREW EXTRUDERS, with screw diameter 20 mm up to 200 mm and L/D ratio from 28 to 40 TWIN SCREW EXTRUDERS, with screws diameter 55 mm up to 180 mm and L/D ratio from 22 to 36 Design, research and development of the basic parts, such as drive gearing, extrusion screws and barrels are always worked out and covered by AMUT.



BEKUM (Berliner Kunststoff Maschinen) was founded in Berlin in 1959. That same year, BEKUM developed and intro- duced the first ring neck calibration in the world - a technology still in use today by all machinery manufacturers.

With 52 years of experience, BEKUM is your first choice worldwide when you need innovative and economical machine solutions with high productivity for customized packaging.

With future-oriented processes and machine technology, we can offer you reliable and economical production of blow moulded bottles and containers from 3 ml to 3,000 L with single-source responsibility.

Numerous inventions and patents followed and showed that BEKUM's innovative and customer-accessible machines were always a step ahead of the times - this still holds true today.

Our know-how from over 16,000 machines sold worldwide flows into all our customer requests. Today, we have 300 employees in four plants around the world working according to our company philosophy:   Always ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

For more than 48 years, Gottfried, as owner and BEKUM's Chief Executive Officer, has set the standard for excellence and innovation in extrusion blow molding. His accomplishments are legendary and include standard setting developments such as:

Calibration of bottle necks (1959),   PVC blow molding for edible oils (1960's),   High-output twin-station blow molding (1963),   Coextrusion blow molding for six layers (1970's),   Tiebarless mold closing system (1987),   Also under his leadership, BEKUM developed the first continuous coextrusion head for producting automotive fuel tanks (1991-92) More than 40 worldwide patents

BMB s.p.a. Italy


BMB is a leading reality in the production of injection moulding machines. Born in 1967 from a family venture, BMB offers itself as a reality with a high technological content and a ‘human know how’ that has innovated, transformed and advanced the times.

The founder, Mr. Egidio Bugatti, along with his son Marco, have a clear vision on how BMB should work. Their purpose is to offer machines and personal solutions to solve any need in moulding. Technology and innovation are obviously prerequisites to succeed in this hard task but it is equally important to have a strong and compact group where management and employees have the same values, with a shared responsibility towards the customer, to quality, transparency, reliability and credibility.

For any requirement in moulding including the most complex, you can always count on BMB. We can transform all of your projects into success for your company. We are able to do this thanks to our high quality engineering, appreciated world-wide for precision and constancy, resulting in machines with very high technology that will perform 24/7 at outstanding performance levels but also able to achieve low energy consumption. This is why we are the trusted partners of the companies that ask for the best and are safe in the knowledge that, in our 40 years of existence, always uppermost in our thoughts was to mature and improve in order to put all our experience and passion into the development of machines that will remain at the forefront.



Extrusion line BREYER eco·line for the production of tubes, everything good tube needs. When it comes to tube packaging for the cosmetics industry, perfection and a professional design are paramount. However, packaging must also be manufactured economically.

Today, speed is a top priority in many production processes. It‘s good if you can refer to a technology that delivers good quality even at high speeds.

Clients from the world of cosmetics, which has high standards, know to appreciate this fact because perfect looks and tactile qualities often decide the success or failure of a product. Still, economic efficiency cannot be neglected in the production process. The BREYER eco·line meets with both standards in an optimal way – especially when the decision is made in favor of a multi-layer design.

Flim Lines

Extrusion line BREYER CellProtect for EVA and POE solar film. BREYER CellProtect: high-tech on the sunny side of life. The convincing extrusion technology for the production of low shrinkage solar encapsulant film for PV-modules.

BREYER offers the complete line including proofed recipe and service: Dosing system, extruder, die, process unit for forming – cooling – ­embossing, winding. The BREYER CellProtect system allows much higher speed and therefore higher output compared with conventional systems. Since standard extrusion systems only provide a limited line speed/output, BREYER has developed a forward-looking system for a profitable production of low - shrinkage solar encapsulant film.

CYPET Technologies LTD, Cyprus


CYPET Technologies LTD is an international manufacturer of innovative single stage Injection stretch blow-molding systems. CYPET machines transform PET resin directly into finished PET containers, such as bottles, jars, jerrycans, kegs and drums.

CYPET’s vision is to add value through innovation – we have so far done this by:

  • Inventing a new system for PET container production.
  • Engineering new types of rigid and flexible handles, incorporated as one piece with the PET containers.
  • Pioneering commercial production of very large PET containers up to 120ltr in size.
  • Inventing a new system for post cooling large PET preforms

CYPET Injection Stretch Blow Molding machines produce unique high quality PET containers, at the lowest production cost on the mark.

Transform PET Resin directly into containers using the most flexible single stage PET blow molding machines. Suitable for producing bottles, jars, jerrycans, drums and rectangular containers from 20ml up to 120ltr in size.

The CYPET Process

The CYPET Process is an innovative single stage process, set apart from conventional single-stage technologies. It utilizes a single clamping unit for opening and closing both the injection and the blow molds.

CYPET Benefits

CYPET systems retain all the advantages of conventional single stage systems, while offering important additional benefits:

  • Lower Electricity Consumption.
  • Lower investment cost for equivalent output.
  • Ability to mold very large containers – allowing PET containers to expand into new markets.
  • Ability to integrate handles as one piece with blown container. This lowers production costs, improves ergonomics and makes recycling easier. PET containers can now replace HDPE containers with handles.
  • Higher production flexibility – allowing operation in multiple markets using just one machine both for blow molded parts as well as injection molded parts.
  • All-electric production – especially suitable for medical, pharmaceutical or food contact applications.

Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


More than fifty years ago, technical innovation was the basis of BOY‘s worldwide reputation. The BOY 15, which was first built in 1968, was the world's first injection moulding machine featuring the fully hydraulic two-platen clamping system. Since then, nearly 50,000 injection moulding machines with clamping forces below 1250 kN have been shipped from the factory in Germany.

Users throughout the world trust in the precision and reliability of BOY injection moulding machines. Thorough to the last detail, BOY injection moulding machines contribute to the success of our customers. BOY 15 - the world‘s first injection moulding machine featuring the fully hydraulic two-platen clamping system, year of construction 1968.

The current generation of BOY injection moulding machines are precisely controlled, compact, and economical. Their low operating costs and minimal consumption values are very convincing. On-going developments, service-friendly designs and innovative details ensure that these machines retain our market edge.

The guiding principle of BOY‘s production policy, organization, and mode of business is to and mode of business is to learn about and focus our resources on our customers most important challenges.Volume production, cost awareness, and extensive development resources provide the commercial basis for future innovations.

he most important design characteristics of BOY injection moulding machines have been maintained since 1968:

Compact design, Cantilevered two-platen clamping system, Fully hydraulic drive system and State-of-the-art control techniques

BOY stands for full service right from the start:

Competent advice, individual solutions, Showrooms for performances and tests, Mould tests under, operational conditions, Short delivery times, Complete service from start-up and training, Permanent service availability, smooth handling, Efficient spare parts service and Extensive offer of preventive maintenance measures

Emde Industrie-Technik GmbH, Germany


Harald Emde’s company was founded in August 1980. The first and initially only manufactured product, the EMDE LIFT flexible screw conveyor, laid the foundation for a company which is now known globally far beyond the borders of Germany with a variety of spheres of action in all industries.

EMDE – 30 years’ experience and customer proximity and sensitivity for your specific applications. That is our recipe for success for the future of the company, with its good name. Now in the second generation, we wish to continue to maintain and actively live these important values which were imparted to us by the company’s founders to your benefit.

Five German production companies stand by our “Made in Germany” quality commitment for all services the company offers. EMDE representatives in Europe, and in some cases also beyond, ensure rapid and competent advice on a global basis.

High quality and professional advice, honesty and reliability have the highest priority in our corporate policy. We express this self-imposed obligation through our clear commitment to Germany as a home base and a much higher-than-average training quota of approximately 20%. We conduct training very actively to retain qualified trainees in all company areas.

HTW Molds, Austria


More than 30 years of experience and Know-How have gone into the development of this new product segment, which we have already incorporated into mold construction for high-quality closures.

The new cartridge molds are characterised by better filling and quality in comparison to standard molds on the market. The valve gate system completes an all-round perfect mold construction. Silicon cartridges.

We focus on our costumers' requirements and rely on our long-term experience, in order to design the best possible solution. Therefore, we apply state-of-the-art design and machinery.

htw will provide you with extensive expertise to develop the best possible product solution. If required a pilot mold with reduced number of cavities can be produced within a short time for testing purposes. The knowledge gained through testing in pilot molds can be transferred to the commercial mold. The pilot mold as well as all commercial molds can be tested in our in-house testing center.

In order to ensure a top performance of the molds even in extreme conditions (e.g. low cycle times), we pay close attention to processing parameters and material selection.

Movacolor B.V., Netherlands


Movacolor is the first choice of plastics producers worldwide that strive for excellence in injection molding or extrusion. With three decades of experience with dosing systems, we don’t simply meet our customers’ demands for stable production, high quality, improved efficiency and lower costs & scrap volumes - we exceed them because of our constant innovations in dosing technology.

For almost three decades, Movacolor products have been dedicated to coloring the world in a sustainable way. We do so by developing high-precision volumetric, gravimetric and optometric dosing products that can easily handle all kinds of main materials. Our knowledge, experience and innovation capabilities are invested in a comprehensive portfolio of user-friendly products.

Novapax GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


1949 - Foundation of NOVAPAX Apparatus GmbH in Berlin: Manufacture of metal and electrical products in 1955 - the first injection molds: NOVAPAX begins production of injection molded parts in 1960 - Move to the first facility: New Straße, Berlin-Kreuzberg 1961 - After the Wall: Outsourcing of engineering to Leer / Ostfriesland 1967 - NOVAPAX developed the first custom injection molding - Presentation at the plastics trade fair in Dusseldorf. The company now operates under "NOVAPAX Plastics Technology" 1975 - The Maschinenfabrik has been manufacturing mainly machinery and equipment for plastics processing: The work will become independent.

1980 - NOVAPAX based increasingly on markets outside Berlin: at home and abroad 1986 - The company moves from Berlin Kreuzberg to Tempelhof into a new building in the Schätzelbergstraße road. Major expansion of the production of plastic parts. NOVAPAX is a powerful producer of technical parts, based on 3 pillars: Automotive Telecommunication aerospace industry, electronics industry and other industries , the machinery in injection molding includes closing forces 15-440 tons.

1996 - NOVAPAX participates with 33.3% at the Bruss Kunstofftechnik in Brieselang: joint production of composite parts and injection molded seals for the automotive industry. The capacity in tool making and development are increased. 2000 - NOVAPAX acquire the adjacent property in the street Schätzelbergstraße 2001 - NOVAPAX expanding: Construction of a new factory building for the production of injection molded parts. Upon completion in 2002, the premises comprises approximately 21,000 m², of which around 6,000 m² of land management, manufacturing and storage. After full capacity, the plant expansion NOVAPAX Berlin offers around 200 jobs. 2003 - Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and VDA 6.1 (Quality Management System) and DIN EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)

Rapid Granulator AB, Sweden


When Rapid first got in to the granulator business, the original employees exhibited a spirit and a resolve to better understand customer needs and to make a better granulator. A granulator that produced better quality regrind that utilized less energy and provided more efficient cutting than anything else in the market. Today we still resolve to do all those things. And, we resolve to do them better and better each and every year with the help of the best employees and distribution force in the business.

STRATEGIC GOALS: Optimize the experience of the customer, Innovate/Increase product’s competitiveness, Increase global share of market, Disciplined financial growth

We have tied this all together with a concluding statement that sums it up perfectly – “We take pride in what we do, how we do it, for and with whom we do it!”

2 Komponenten GmbH, Germany


For 32 years 2KM GmbH have been developing and manufacturing systems used in the application of single and multi-component metering units for liquid polymers. With creative and practical ideas we are in the position to offer complete solutions for the processing of synthetic liquids covering the complete industrial sector. Based on long-standing know-how and global experience, our machines are safe investments with high technical standards, and will remain so in the future.

Silicone processing LSR

The SilcoStar machines are a range of high-quality production systems. Their powerful hydraulic drive system acts in line with the metering pumps eliminating the disadvantages of 4 pump systems. A modern PLC control with display allows entry of the machine and production parameters by means of a keyboard. SilcoStar metering systems are environmental-friendly, as metering of colours and additives takes place only in the LIM machine's mixing head. This reduces the paths to be flushed and consequently the material consumed. The machines offer the following advantages:

Two-hands safety operation, Service-friendly design with good access to all components, New large-volume pump ssytem and disassembly helps, i.e. a minimum of time required for maintenance, Better, long-life sealing systems in the pumps, Valves sitting at the outside with excellent function, Strippable mixers, Safety against lack of material and overpressure, Reproducible colour adjustment, Optimation of residual quantities by special barrel support, Options for individual adjustments to customer-specific facts, CE-conformity and Barrel emptying control

SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Germany


SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH with its head office in Troisdorf-Spich, GERMANY, was founded over 15 years ago. The company, from the beginning, was focused on the PET blowing machines. Thanks to the hard work of well qualified engineers, the wide range of high quality blowers was launched on the market very quickly. SMF become a company specialized in delivering industrial installations within PET technology. We have gained a great experience in developing linear blow moulding machine - for multitude of applications - drinks, cosmetics, detergents etc. Nowadays, SMF's offer is filled by various types of the machines used in the different types of industry.

TSMF Germany's plant is located on the area of over 2000 m2. We do not forget that creation of new technologies requires well equipped laboratories and production sections. This is why SMF continuously build up its plant. We tend to enable all the engineer's ideas come true.

SMF Offers include:
PET / PP Stretch blow molding machines, Blowing Molds / Containers design, Unscrambling machines, Conveyors Packaging machines (Shrink wrappers, Handle applicators, Palletizers), PET Injection machines, Filling machines, Labeling machines, Turn key projects

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